Where did "quicky2g" come from?

I used to play online chess when I was a teenager. Just before the year 2000, I was playing online and needed to come up with a nickname for Yahoo games. I was a slow player. Most people wanted games that would end quickly to raise their rating. I needed a name that would seem like I was a quick player. I wanted to call myself "quicky" but the name was already taken. I added "2g" or 2 grand (2000) since it was so close to the new millenium. The name stuck and I've used it ever since.

Favorite Websites

The largest internet-based company in the United States.

An American internet retailer with daily deals.

Online retailer of computer hardware and software.

Premier provider of information, intelligence and insight for Network and IT Executives.

Slacker Music
My favorite streaming music source.